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About Tuincentrum Krans/ Expat Shop

Located in the Brabant countryside, you will find our small garden center. You can come to us for plants, everything for the pond, seasonal decorations and recently the expatshop. As a lover of foreign supermarkets , enjoyer of good food and world citizen this was an easy choice! We are very happy that you (perhaps) want to place an order at our webshop, but we also welcome you to our store. We will regulary organize an event where you can eat and drink something delicious in our cozy garden. These events are indicated on this webshop and our facebook page: tuincentrum krans/ expat shop.

Because the sales in the store go beyond expectations , and the webshop is just under development, we hope for your understanding should something go wrong. In the coming period we are busy getting a wide range of Australian products in the store, the webshop will be expanded every week. We are happy to recieve questions and suggestions about products.

Kind regards, Corina Krans and Hans Martens